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What Does It Mean To Retire?

Posted by: Trust Company of Illinois

Apr 2, 2012 4:13:00 PM

Last Wednesday evening, Maurine Patten, Certified Retirement / Life Coach with Patten Coaching & Consulting, presented to a full house of TCI clients and guests. She addressed the opportunities and challenges surrounding retirement and shared many ideas and strategies people can use to make the most of what she likes to call the “encore years.”

As a financial planner, I have the opportunity to see firsthand how individuals and couples talk about and deal with their approaching retirement. I have been in meetings where retirement was talked about with great excitement. I have also sat with couples who came to tears (for reasons not related to money) as they considered ending their career. Retirement takes many forms, but it almost always involves significant changes.

Maurine pointed out how retirement used to mean ending work and immediately entering “old age.” However, with better health, longer life expectancies, and medical advances, it is becoming common for individuals to be able to enjoy multiple decades of healthy, energetic life beyond when they ‘retire.’ For this and many other reasons, retiring today looks much different than it used to.

If you are approaching ‘retirement’ or if you are ‘retired,’ I invite you to take some time to ask yourself the following questions:

1.How excited am I about retirement?

2.What does a meaningful and fulfilling life in retirement look like for me?

3.How can I make this vision of retirement a reality?

4.What actions can I take today to move closure to this ideal reality?

Be sure not to miss our second seminar with Maurine-- especially if you are already retired. “Creating an Extraordinary Retirement Without Compromise” will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 13, 2012. You can find additional information about this event including RSVP instructions on our homepage.


Trust Company of Illinois provides comprehensive financial advice and insightful guides to help our clients plan for a successful retirement. Please contact us to learn how we might help you with your financial goals.

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